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6 types of videos to succeed on social media

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Videos are one of the most popular forms of media when it comes to social media. This is because they have the potential to captivate an audience, create a connection and tell a story. Video bloggers are becoming more and more popular with social media users. They post videos that showcase their opinions and thoughts, provide tutorials that teach viewers how to do something, or may even show the progress of a product or project. Live streaming, on the other hand, is an increasingly popular way to share moments and events in real time with a global audience. There are three major types of videos that are seen more in social media: 6 types of videos to succeed on social media

Video Tutorials

Videos that show how to do something step by step. They are the most searched videos on the web. Your users will appreciate it and they will position your business in your sector.

Demonstration videos

They are the videos that explain what a product or service is like and how it works. The e-commerce websites that incorporate these demo videos increase their sales up to three times more. Video is an ideal tool to bring your products and services closer to your users in the visual way possible.

Corporate videos and “elevator pitch”

They are those that show the virtues of the company, its facilities and human team. They are videos of about 3-4 minutes in which the interior of the company, its values and the people who are part of it are shown. You can make different videos that treat your business from different points of view. In addition to the videos called «elevator Pitch» which are videos that convince your client in a minute about the winning services or products of your business.


Maybe you have a blog where you talk about relevant topics in your sector. Think about interviewing some important character with your camera and then share it with the readers of your website or blog.

Videos with humor

They are those that offer fun content that makes users smile more than once. It is very difficult to make humor but if you succeed, your video may go viral and be viewed by thousands of people.

Emotional videos

They are the videos that connect with users through different emotions such as love, friendship, childhood memories, etc. so that users who watch the videos project those emotions to your products or services.